Farmers’ Market at Saint Martin de la Brasque



More than fruits and vegetables

That’s one of the best Farmers’ Market of the Luberon. One day, just when I needed onions most, there were none to be sold. A guy told me to wait for a while and came back with the so needed veggies.

There you can find, apart from fruits and veggies : herbs, plants and flowers, oysters you can eat on the spot with a glass of white wine, Martine’s beautiful figs, lips balms, essential oils and hydrosols from Les herbes nues, made with wild herbs just a few miles away, the last local news you wouldn’t want to miss, non malicious gossips, philosophical questions to debate, useful tips and last but not least, remedies so awful you just feel better in a sec not having to take them. Enjoy !

Where is it? 

Saint-Martin de la Brasque

South-east of the Luberon mountain

Every Sunday from early May to late September

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