The Gorges du Régalon



Feeling the rock

The Gorges du Régalon are a pure joy to hike. Especially when you share the path with Carolyne from Perfectlyprovence. She told me about « feeling the rock » as you climb, and that’s exactly what we were doing, with our hands and feet, sometimes with our bodies as we slowly moved forward in the narrowing canyon. No rush no hurry, here and now, very slowly.

Where is it? 

The Gorges du Regalon

Access to the Gorges du Régalon is on D973, between Cavaillon and Mérindol.

Wear the right shoes and check the weather. There may be water in the Gorges and the rocks may be wet and slippery. Be extremely cautious. Do not hike the Gorges when the weather is rainy or stormy.

Select a detailed itinerary and take along a hiking map.


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