September cake


Summer still

September cake is a Clafoutis, just like in early Summer, when we think we have little time to spare on pastries.  Some cherries (with pits) in a pan, a quick and easy dough recipe and that’s all we can manage, we think so. No time for pastries maybe, and no time to rest just before Summer vacations.

September cake is a celebration of Summer passing by. A celebration around mirabelles, little exquisite yellowish fruits, with such a short picking season, in Provence. An invite to be aware of the present moment. Here and now, bare feet, relaxed, suntanned, in those delicious in-between days. Don’t miss it, and enjoy.

A very simple recipe: stone the mirabelles before spreading them in a buttered pan. Mix 3 eggs, 20 cl almond cream and 80 g flour. Pour the dough over the fruits and sprinkle with sugar (3 to 5 table spoons).  Add some slivered almonds and bake in a preheated oven 180°C.


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