Colorado de Rustrel




10 reasons why you should visit Rustrel Colorado:

1.It’s striking! Those colored ochre quarries and cliffs, offer an interesting alternative to hill-top villages, you will surely enjoy while visiting Provence. 2.French pride at stake! you have to experience… Even if quite obviously, it is not possible to make a comparison with Grand Canyon and so on. Enjoy it fully anyway. 3.It’s fun with or without kids around. Play Cowboys and Indians, play hide and seek, crawl in the sand. 4.It is home to the most incredible colors and you may want to dive in (find this particular spot where two sand tones reach for a two-colored effect). 5.It’s wild and even wilder if you take a long hike following one of the numerous trails. 6.You might want to get lost (because it’s such a beautiful place). 7.Enjoy the greenery  as the rolling hills around are covered with a beautiful and luxurious vegetation. You may want to give a try to Tree hugging. 8.Spot the waterfall … 9.Ochre is made of soft sand beckoning for you to just lie back, sleep, meditate, daydream… 10.Chill at this charming place called ‘La Rinsoulette’ (which means, in provencal, ‘the place you stop to have a drink’).


Le Colorado de Rustrel

To reach Rustrel, follow road D22 from Apt. Parking fee required. A map will be handed to you, suggesting two itineraries: 40 mn (easy) / 1h45 (easy-moderate) These walks are a good way to discover the area with young children (but please note the footpaths are not suited for strollers)

Ochres in Provence? 

Colorado de Rustrel is famous for its rich deposits of ochres ranging from yellow and orange to red. The mining of ochres intensified when the demand for pigments rose to be used in the textile industry. Today’s scenery results from men work combined with erosion.

Do wear dark clothes and wash with cold water. Do not wear white sneakers…

Other places to marvel at this geological wonder:

les Mines de Bruoux, le Sentier des Ocres à Roussillon, and wild and wilder the Colorado de Gignac


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