Pizza with artichoke and Parmegiano cheese




some pizza dough

4 artichokes “Violet de Provence”

(medium size) (at least 4)

lemon juice

seasonal new garlic, minced

olive oil

Parmegiano cheese

salt and peppercorns

Pour lemon juice in a bowl of water. Prepare and thinly slice the artichokes (2-3 mm). Soak artichokes slice in the lemony water and then drain.

Mix the olive oil and chopped garlic together and spread on top of the Pizza dough. Top with artichoke slices and Parmegiano cheese shavings. Season with a little salt and a ot of pepper.

Bake for 15-20 mn  until the crust is lightly browned (in a preheated oven – 210°C). Slice Pizza ans serve immediately. So good with a glass of Prosecco.

Adélaïde prefers with no Parmegiano cheese. Jean-Baptiste wants Japanese Food.

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